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Benifits to the retailer

  • The cash margin on flake salt is high! A retailer would need to sell 17lbs of standard table salt in order to make the same margin from just one 1/2lb pack of falksalt flakes.
  • Extracted from pure, clean Mediterranean sea water using traditional methods.
  • 100% natural product. No chemicals, no anti caking agents and all natural additives, and Natural is certified for organic use.
  • The product will revitalize the shelves and promote strong consumer interest.

Benifits to the Consumer

  • A unique array of flavors that will enhance dishes with color and scent.
  • There is a growing interest in gourmet products and our trendy flake salt is ideal both for cooking and finishing any meal!
  • Flake size matters-- large flakes offer increased intensity of flavor, which means using less salt. 
  • The pack looks great on the dinner table!